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We're the people who bring the latest news and updates on what's going on in the Land Rover community to Land Rover lovers everywhere over this planet. We are the team that heads up the Land Rover super fans web page, a small but very dedicated group of people who also happen to love everything Land Rover- which happens to be the best all-wheel drive vehicle of all time! Yes, we know it's a British icon, but it’s also a next-gen, lifestyle brand for rugged living (and driving) today. So whether you own a Rover, an Evoque, a Defender, a Sport, a Freelander or anything at all under the Land Rover banner—join us. You're home here.

We share loads of information on Land Rovers, inside and out. And we strive to learn all there is about these incredible 4 x 4's, and everything in between. Our mission is to celebrate the joy of being Land Rover owners, in addition we want to expand an ever-growing community of fellow Land Rover lovers who sharing that thrilling joy. It’s true we cover the latest news about innovations and developments in Land Rover vehicles, but here we’d like to share a bit about who we are.

Official Land Rover USA website: https://www.landroverusa.com/index.html

Meet our Land Rover news staff

Drew Byrd - is our Team Leader for Medialandrover.com and honestly- Drew is usually the first to get wind of Land Rover news before it’s actually news! He’s also responsible for overseeing much of the content of this site and managing public relations. Drew is also in charge of overall communications with the team and so many online Land Rover fans, which plays a key role in the focus of the whole groups.

Ariana McPherson - is our senior writer with a keen outlook for the latest internet news from the Land Rover community. She makes sure all developments, whether big or small, is made known to every member of our group. As a seasoned storyteller and traveler, She’s gone on many harrowing adventures in her Sport Rover. Stop by the office someday, and she’ll tell you all about some of her wild rides over a hot cup of coffee!

Shawn Patton - is the junior writer on the team. But don't be fooled by his young looks, he has been passionate about Land Rovers ever since he was a kid. He’s also an expert on lesser-known Land Rover lore, and loves searching the internet just to find these crazy stories. A true artist at heart, Shawn is also responsible for the cool graphics you see throughout the site itself.

Katherine Huber - is our resident Land Rover photographer and image consultant. She calls them “poetry in motion.” If you want your Rover featured on this site in all its glory, Katherine is the one who'll make sure to show it to the world in the best possible light. We are all a little envious of Katherine, since she’s probably been to more Land Rover exhibit shows than any of us combined.

If you would like to share your Land Rover news and stories with us, feel free top contact us anytime by e-mail. It’s through people like you who make Land Rover a name that stands out more and more.

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