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Land Rover Defender specialist Twisted invests for the future

Another week and another good news day for fans of luxury and bespoke vehicles in Yorkshire. Following the announcement that McLaren is opening its latest dealership in Leeds, Land Rover Defender specialists Twisted Automotive is set to invest £100,000 to expand its capabilities.

Up until now, Thirsk-based Twisted has relied upon third-party companies to undertake bodywork and paintshop processes when re-engineering Defenders. Now, instead of out-sourcing to local outlets, Twisted has created its own LR Coach-works division to bring everything in-house.

Along with dedicated workshops to undertake the paint and bodywork processes, Twisted has also recruited an experienced team of ex-Land Rover technicians to undertake the work. 

Twisted Automotive certainly seems to be delivering proof that the Yorkshire proverb “where there’s muck there’s brass” is true. From first being established in 2001, Twisted has gone from producing simple performance enhancements for TDI Land Rovers, to creating bespoke Defenders capable of being shown at the Top Marques event in Monaco.

Such a concentration solely on the Defender does create challenges for Twisted, given that the original Land Rover item finished production at the end of 2016. Diversification into paint and bodywork is only one part of a new long-term strategy, intended to keep the family owned business sustainable for the future. 

Managing director and founder Charles Fawcett also has a trump card in owning the last remaining new customer Land Rover Defender, purchased straight from the production line in 2016. Plans for this special vehicle will form the showpiece of the brand’s direction.

Given the success of companies such as Singer in re-imagining classic Porsche 911s, the ever-increasing collectibility of the Land Rover Defender should help guarantee Twisted the ability to keep finding interested enthusiasts.