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2019 Range Rover Evoque holds value like a Ferrari

Car valuation specialist CAP HPI has given the new Range Rover Evoque a glowing prediction in terms of its residual (resale) values.

Get into a new top-of-the-range Evoque and it’s predicted that, after three years, it will retain 67 percent of its list price. That puts it on par with a Ferrari 488.

That’s good news for consumers. The more money a car holds after a three-year PCP finance deal, for example, the less the manufacturer has to charge per month to cover the depreciation.

Good residuals = great deals

The new Range Rover Evoque starts from £31,600. In that form, it’s predicted to hold 63 percent of its value after three years or 36,000 miles. That means it can be offered for £245 per month

The headline 67 percent residual figure belongs to the high-spec D180 AWD S. It starts from £39,000 – or a competitive £371 per month.

Styling-wise, the new Evoque isn’t an enormous departure from its predecessor, and that’s no bad thing. Land Rover’s best-seller has evolved nicely, adopting certain features from the Velar, as well as the larger Range Rover models. Mild hybrid tech has also brought the Evoque bang up to date in terms of performance and emissions.

“The new Range Rover Evoque is an improvement on Land Rover’s biggest selling model in the UK every way,” said Jaguar Land Rover UK MD, Rawdon Glover.

“It’s more refined, with relevant and clever technology, features our cleanest petrol and diesel engines ever, and achieves lower running costs.

“All of that means that not only is it incredibly desirable, but it’s also a very logical choice for buyers too. With these class-leading residual values, new mild hybrid powertrains and excellent finance offers, buyers could be saving hundreds of pounds a month when compared with competitor models.”