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That Range Rover Coupe will be built after all—by a British coachbuilder

The sexy Range Rover SV Coupe the automaker said was too expensive to build will be built anyway—by somebody else.

But of course, it’s still going to be really, really expensive.

A few months ago we reported on the death of the beautiful Range Rover SV Coupe, which was no doubt one of the best-looking SUVs set to hit the market.

However, after a few hopeful months, Jaguar Land Rover out-of-the-blue announced it would no longer be putting it on sale, because the truck would have cost too much money to build, forcing them to sell it at a loss.

The beautiful coupe inspired by the original Range Rover of the 1970s still has a chance at redemption, though, in the hands of British coachbuilder Niels van Roji Design.

The firm plans to build 100 “Adventum Coupes” for some very special customers, but they’ll take at least six months to build and cost a pretty penny. Quite a few pretty pennies, actually: the vehicle will start at £275,000, and can climb all the way up to £375,000 with options.

That’s about $485,000 to $660,000 in Canada, or, at the top end, about twice what Land Rover was planning to charge for its SV Coupe.

“Anything is possible, from highly-polished woods, personalized tread plates, extraordinary one-off color-coded leather hides in chic patterns to sophisticated handcrafted embroidery,” the company said. “Even Tweeds and exotic materials not normally found in the realm of automotive design can be applied by our team of craftspeople.”

Niels van Roji Design previously brought us the Tesla Model S shooting brake, which was custom-built to a specific taste and featured an upgraded interior, something the Adventum Coupe will also include.