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These New Land Rover Models Will Blow You Away!

The Land Rover stands for something that will never go out of style -powerful performance and the striking aesthetics to match. From conquering rough terrains to cruising around the city; there are few other brands that can even begin to match what the Land Rover will do for you. Founded in 1948, the Land Rover continues to make its waves in the automotive industry. The Land Rover is being prided as the brand of car that is ‘ready for anything’ -and it certainly exceeds all expectations in terms of features, advantages and performance. Been thinking of getting a sweet new ride? Here’s a few brand new Land Rover models that should definitely pique your interest!

Based on the composition of three main elements -roof, waist and sill-, the Land Rover is a breath of fresh air when it comes to their variety of designs. A good example of new, unparalleled design is the Range Rover Evoque. This unique 5-door model is instantly recognizable by its sleek minimalism. It also comes in several contemporary colors such as lndus Silver, Santorini Black and Firenze Red —to fit all individuality. The interior of the Evoque is not only just made out of 100% perforated grain leather, but also features gorgeous aluminum trims that offer up a sense of luxury and style. Whilst the Evoque focuses much more on aesthetics and comfort, a good option to consider if you’re into something that weighs up on the tech scale would be the Discovery sport. This model is certainly unmatched when it comes to doing the heavy lifting -literally! The Discovery Sport is able to handle towing weights of up to 2500, complete with a 4-cylinder 2.0 litre Si4 Petrol variant, delivering a power packed performance all the way through.

No Land Rover review would be complete without mentioning the Land Rover Velar. After all, it has officially been branded as the World Car Design of the Year! The Velar’s design philosophy stays true to Land Rover roots, but infuses fresher, top-notch elements of aerodynamics and features to give it that modern boost. Are you the type to be explore the outdoors most of your life? Here’s a tip —the Land Rover Defender is definitely your new best friend. Remaining as a classic symbol of terrain adapted vehicles for over 68 years, the Defender is one of the world’s most esteemed vehicles —and has no plans of stopping. Be it deep swamps, rocks, desserts, jungle floors and the like; the Defender comes fully equipped to handle whatever you throw at it. The 2018 Defender model offers up a fresh outlook on the iconic Defender style, but sticks to original design themes through its revamp to maintain its rugged essence.

Picking a Land Rover model isn’t a task to be taken lightly, so invest as long as you want in this decision. Every Land Rover model offers a different perspective on individualism and personal style, spirit and versatility -so you can bet on getting the most out of every Land Rover. To put it simply, investing in a Land Rover is more than just buying a car, it’s signing up for an experience that really no one other brand can provide you with. Go forth and choose wisely!