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6 Amazing Facts about the Land Rover

Did you know that Land Rover started out as an inspired version of the British Jeep? Or how about the fact they were also once owned by BMW? And even the first model of Land Rover actually designed their steering wheel placed in the middle of the cab. If you love the sheer trivia of Land Rover, here are some of the amazing facts that you might not have heard before.

The first model of Land Rover was designed by Maurice Wilks. He was clearly inspired by a Jeep model used by the Americans during World War II. As if just by chance, Wilks used that vintage Jeep during a holiday and was inspired to design the very first model of Land Rovers shortly after that.

The one-millionth unit produced by Land Rover was sold to the public way back in 1976, however one fact that is fascinating to know is that the Land Rover had wooden frames previously for several years. Later the wooden frames were replaced with aluminum and steel frames in 1955.

The Land Rover vehicles were used by the British royal family on several occasions for their transportation. This had enhanced the prestige of their vehicle manifold in the subsequent years. That’s the system which removes the exhaust gas and smoke from the engine, and it wouldn’t work so great if these fumes choke-out the royal family standing in the back seat- true story!

Totally unknown to most folks, several Land Rover vehicles have been used for industrial applications including tractors, ambulances, fire trucks and also many other useful purposes. They even showed up as armored taxis in the 1995 Judge Dredd movie.

In the 1960’s, the auto market witnessed a major demand for the four-wheeled vehicles. At this point of time, Land Rover was in the forefront and captured a significant market share of the four wheeler market. Seeing the high demand of Land Rovers in this market, the company decided to modify their design of the vehicle and convert them into a family car. This new model was a wise mix of great driving characteristics and comfort. As a result, the off-road driving capabilities of Land Rover was retained as being one of the unique selling points of the vehicle overall. This model launched in 1970, proved to be a major breakthrough for Range Rover.