Media Land Rover

Did you see that land rover?

You’d be forgiven for thinking that $300 million Bond movie Spectre was just a Range Rover promotion. The Sport SVR in the car chase was filmed with nine cameras and looks stunning -rocketing down the icy Austrian roads. Range Rovers have featured in seven Bond films, but forget about this little known branding promo- what about their appearances in other movies?

Range Rovers are a Hollywood favorite. You’ll spot them in dozens of films from “How To Get Ahead In Advertising through Anger Management”, and even in “Frankenstein 90”. Here are some of my favorite film sequences in which the Range Rover steals the show. A menacing white two-door Range Rover hunts down the villain’s S-type jaguar in the 1970 film “Callan”. Edward Woodward as Callan chases the Jag in a hilarious cross-country chase through the English countryside that sees him plow through farm gates, mow down fences and race spectacularly through a very large glass greenhouse. It’s worth watching this old British cop movie, directed by Don Sharp and starring Edward Woodward, Eric Porter and Carl Mohner, just for the chase. The lurid Spanish thriller “Face of Terror” includes a wonderful 4-minute chase. We see the villain racing away from undercover cops in a silver Range Rover that really stretches its handling ability, turning on three wheels, plowing through street seller stalls, pushing cars out of the way, dodging gunshots, and racing down flights of stone steps while sending pedestrians scurrying and causing a half dozen accidents. The Range Rover proved too much for the chasing Renault and made a clean getaway, albeit a bit worse for wear.

Steven Segal as a maverick Detroit detective really puts his machine gun riddled Range Rover through its paces in an exciting car park chase in the 2001 movie “Exit Wounds” that culminates with him driving through a shop and flying out dramatically through plate glass windows into busy night time traffic where the chase continues. Cinematographer-turned-director Andrzej Bartkowiak did a really great job capturing the Range Rover flying out through the glass.

Sigourney Weaver chases down Bruce Willis through heavy Madrid traffic in a Range Rover in the 2012 movie “The Cold Light of Day”, an American/Spanish action film directed by Mabrouk El Mechri. The chase starts with Weaver roughly shoving other cars out of her way and ends with a spectacular crash and flip in the Plaza de Toros de Las Ventas.

Jamie Foxx races his Range Rover Classic away from lunatic terrorists, with in-car fights, bullets flying, kerb jumping and cars crashing all around in “The Kingdom”, an action thriller set in Saudi Arabia but filmed in Arizona. The 2007 movie was directed by Peter Berg and stars Jamie Foxx. Three identical black Range Rovers cause havoc in Los Angeles in the 1997 film “Playing God” with David Duchovny. The villain spirits our hero’s girlfriend played by Angelina Jolie away, trying to avoid pursuit by placing her in one of the three identical black cars which all take off in different directions at high speed. The American crime drama directed by Andy Wilson featured David Duchovny in his first major role after becoming famous in The X-Files. As a long-time Range Rover fan, it’s great to see the car on the big screen.