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The Latest Land Rover Features

Land Rover belongs to those classes of sport utility vehicles that are larger than most mini SUV’s, but are in fact smaller than any mid-size SUV for that matter. But what really makes Land Rover all the rage might just surprise you. Even though the basic design is based on a small car, what is built around the driver reflects exactly the opposite. For example, the extra traction afforded by the All Wheel Drive combined with good ground clearance, giving excellent approach and departure angles which make them equally capable of light off-road duty. As most people already know that Range Rover was originally designed with Jeep suspension. Yet for those who are apprehensive, safety is never an issue since most Land Rovers are equipped with airbags, stability control, and traction control. The objective of Land Rover was to effectively deliver a premier brand of compelling off-road capability and luxury attributes at a price that would make luxury vehicle shoppers take immediate notice.

In any case, Land Rover models are making positive impacts on car buyers in many parts of the world. This is especially noted currently for proud owners of Land Rovers in China. The company had recently expanded its dealership in this country, where the luxury car market is far-more robust than in West. Land Rover is soon expected to showcase its newest 2017 versions. With the light at the end of the tunnel of the economic gloom, car buyers are again at the forefront toying with various options being offered by the modern auto industry. Land Rover dealers would surely see good times ahead with car sales expected to rise this year alone. As we’ve all seen the downside to compact SUV’s with much of the hype that made them undesirable including lack of interior space and engine power. Now with a refreshed image, they no longer have that stigma of being non-environmental too, with many green groups now giving their thumbs up to urban All Wheel Drives. Added to that- the advantage of good resale values, Land Rover can be expected to beat out much of their competition easily enough.

Land Rover has certainly come a long way. As for astute viewers of Land Rover who’ve been studying and watching in admiration as to what this auto manufacturing company has done in the past few decades now, one can only come to conclusion that this is a company that has fully transformed into the most successful manufacturing company of our generation! Their range has so many bright facets that this ensures us there is almost nothing left-out for their potential customers. Each of their cars are specifically designed to offer a potentially different brand experience, which is how it should be.

Want makes Land Rover stand out from other companies is the fact that they carry models that no other company can offer. This is a company that is proud to carry a full line of SUV’s every year to offer customers the luxury and class they desire. Each of these SUV models are built with awesome features to make their clients enjoy driving them. And this is why most drivers always come back for more.

Land Rover cars are built with technology that meet the standards that get everyone’s attention. One of the latest features that has got people talking like never before is the new Land Rover lnContol system. This is a collection of advanced technologies that ensures the driver is connected while they are driving. The lnControl Touch Pro offers a 10" touchscreen that offers audio-video entertainment with a natural voice control and a customized home screen. Think of the technology offered by Nvidia Drive inside Tesla cars and then consider how more advanced the Infotainment systems have advanced recently. Who needs a car that is self-driving when your really want to drive the car yourself! Check out the variety of latest Land Rovers at Top Gear.

Some of the more sublime features that are added include a smartphone app that’s called the lnContol Remote and Control System. This is an application that allows the user to locate his/her vehicle in case you get lost, since those trips to big sporting events are a mess for parking anyway... You can also check the mileage tracker to compare how much you drive and manage all the stats of where you’ve been, even monitor your car if you have a door a window open. Another exciting feature is the new Powered Gesture Tailgate. This is a feature that allows the driver to close or open the tailgate with just a gesture that is underneath the Cars on both sides of the tailgate. This is a very important feature especially when your hands are full. Designed to be more than a smart car, the new est Land Rovers are simply smart thinking practical tools we use everyday.