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How much do you love your Range Rover?

What’s in a Range Rover anyway?

Range Rover is more popular over most of the luxury SUV’s on the road today. These features that cover a number of appealing new technologies, are highly prized by a generation that likes this kind variety- which can be easily pre-ordered! Since this level of sophistication and design aspiration has now surpassed many of the small to mid-range SUV models, owners of the modern Range Rover are growing more than ever before. Now if you look at the rich history of Range Rover, the evolution of these amazing cars have set standards in luxury and capability.

What really defines the Range Rover over other SUV models?

The Range Rover has such a great range of models, there’s no reason that it shouldn’t be so popular. First Range Rover made in 1970 has even seen itself evolve into a fourth generation model by 1996. This version has been described by many as being the most versatile car in the world! The success of Range Rover can further be determined by the number of global sales and an amazing number of Range Rover Fans. It shows the true originality of SUV’s, which is unmistakable among the characteristics you will find in any of their models. The name is iconic enough for a brand that provides luxuries SUV all over the world. The design and the engineering behind the SUV’s are extraordinary and highest technology offered to boot.

Why does Range Rover have so much appeal?

One selective survey which was conducted over the last 18 years revealed very interesting aspects about select vehicles and the technologies that owners consider to be the most important. For a company that puts more focus on new technologies while giving best possible satisfaction to each customer, Range Rover was named more often in that survey than many auto models mentioned. The innovation and engineering combined with each other, makes it perhaps the best rounded 4x4 vehicle in the world. For such a quirky jeep at the heart of this overall design, it has capabilities to hit 60 mph in under 60 seconds! The qualities you’ll find in Range Rover also consist of top-runner road performance, economic fuel considerations, sleek design and transmission that lands it in the top-class category. This brand also wildly popular additionally through popular celebrities who love the great aspects that give it a touch of class.

What makes this fan page different?

Do you know what makes us different? Like many other websites that show-off Land Rovers, we like to push the limits and take you further into the deep history which is worth retelling with much zeal and energy behind every story presented. We understand the high standards and values of this brand and the people who hold this iconic auto in the highest esteem. With that being said, we cover all you want to know about the updated features of current Range Rovers. We also provide news related to the brand likewise. We personally love to cover the different type of Range Rover conversations, which are as amazing as the imagination will take most people. This is one Range Rover fan page that will certainly add value to the life of people who love all the classic models through the newest 2017 Range Rover Sport version.

What kind of articles will you find written here about Range Rover?

We cover every aspect that matters most, and perhaps a little bit more. Whether you are looking for the oldest or newest Range Rover stories, we’ll cover both new and old technology that’s used, and happily add reviews and breaking news. Whatever you are looking for related to Range Rover, we cover some of the more obscure facts you never hear about. It’s hard enough to research everything which adds value to every reader, yet somehow we feel the passion and energy is there inside each story presented. We firmly believe that Range Rover defines status of the people that drive them. So whether you already a fan or looking to be a future owner of one, we’ll provide excellent information and value as we can for those who are curious. We believe in you, much like the standards that only Range Rover gives to every driver. The official Land Rover International Homepage has moved here:

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