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Low Riders slot game review

LowRiders slot game reviewHey, don't blame us if *that* song is in your head immediately. In fact, the lack of War’s 1975 hit (or any reasonably memory-recalling derivative) is one of the few minuses in a nice modern update of a fruit machine-style slots game.

The most visually striking aspect of Low Riders is the majestic purple everywhere; this is one of the purpliest slots we’ve ever seen, in fact. Better yet, the purple low riders bookending the game’s title in the header atop the gameboard spring to life on wins, bouncing on those shocks almost giddily.

Low Riders is done in the classic 3-reel, 5-payline slot machine style, but this is no pinche fruit machine, bro: Paying homage to a bit of classic Americana is what at first glance appears to be another classic 3-reel, 5-payline slot game instead includes both a jackpot payout and free spins.

Basics first, then. The symbols in the Low Riders classic slot are, in ascending order of payout, various car parts followed by pink, red, yellow and black low riders. Three of the black low riders win you the jackpot payout, a personal progressive jackpot, when paying max bet.

Low Riders also includes – in a rarity for a 3-reel classic-style slot game – free spins symbols. These are a stylized pair of wings helpfully emblazoned with “Free Spins”. Land two of these on an active payline for what else but free spins.

Pocket some winnings and get set for some cruising in Low Riders. Just do yourself a favor; turn down the weak would-be-macho soundtrack to mute, fire up the YouTube and call on that War standard. Based on this game, we’ve even got some alternate lyrics for you. There is also a movie called "Lowriders" (2016). Check it out here.

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