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Crazy Cars Slot machine

Crazy Cars online slot machine gameFirst up, let’s face one fact: The titular characters in the Crazy Cars slot are not so much “crazy” as “familiar.” As in, the lead anthropomorphized sportscars bear more than a passing resemblance to a couple of characters from Pixar’s Cars movie series, if you know what we mean – though Crazy Cars doesn’t have one-tenth the backstory or plotline of any of the Pixar flicks.

Crazy Cars is a 5-reel slot game but, in a departure from most games designed past 2015 or so, this five-reeler has just 5 paylines – whoa, flashback. Further detracting from any would-be craziness is the inclusion of super boring A, K, Q, J, 10 and 9 among the symbol set. (So original! Not!) This slot is definitely one for the beginner slots player, the low roller or one with some heavy nostalgia for the days of more minimalistic slot machine technology. 

The paytable bears this fruit machine-like quality out: The tire, checkered flag, blue sportscar (who we’ll call Callie Serrera) and red sportscar (who we’ll call McQueen Lightning) symbols are at the high end of the paytable, and they’ll win you a max of 20 credits. Meanwhile, the low-paying playing-card symbols won’t earn more than 2 credits most of the time. In short, the Crazy Cars slot is the very definition of low variance: lotsa pays of a few coins each, few jackpots.

The wild symbol helps in beefing up wins by adding a 2x multiplier on wins. Finally, the champagne bottles are truly key in this game, so how about some drinking and spinning? With three bottles of bubbly landing anywhere on the screen in a single spin, the player wins 10, 20 or 30 free spins. And racking up some wins in these games can utterly erase quite a lot of losing.

In the final analysis, we’d probably rank the Crazy Cars slot as a bit below average for today’s car slots games. Embracing fully either the classic slots format or the proper video slot presentation might have worked better rather than straddled the line between two genres; a bonus feature or two would have been a welcome assist, too, though one can’t imagine such a round that’s essentially a remake of a key scene from a Cars. 

And perhaps therein lies the failure of the Crazy Cars slot: In the rush to create just enough of a mockup to be recognizable, but nothing that could quite be litigated by The Mouse’s attorneys, the game designers had nothing left in the tank (so to speak) for the rest of the slot game.