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Race to Win slot game

Race to Win slot game - play online freeHead back to the halcyon 1950s, when bored over-affluent teens drag racing hotrods on suburban streets in the Race to Win – sort of. And this particular car slots game is definitely one of the more innovative 3-reel classic format slot machines we’ve seen in some time: The main special feature in the Race to Win slot game is clearly its 27 paylines representing quite literally the maximum number of payable combinations in a 3-reel game. Race to Win might therefore be considered the first “Max Ways Pays” fruit machine game.

But “fruit machine” is a slight misnomer for Race to Win, as this slot is all about the racing vehicles. Players may wager from $1.35 to $270 (!) per spin when all 27 paylines are covered (and you want all 27 paylines covered). The lower-paying symbols include some typical of the auto racing genre in general, including tires (car slots game designers are apparently obligated to include the tires); car seats and a helmet (what? What kinda game of Chickie is this?). 

And boring as they are low-paying, landing three like A, K, Q, J and 10 symbols win anywhere from 2x to 6x wager. The higher pays start iwht the green motorcycle (WTF? If Merkur Gaming is really going to mix motifs like this, their designers might’ve included a Land Rover – imagine that burning rubber on a sspin against James Dean!), a red hotrod, and a blonde babe. The latter pays 60x the bet when three land on the reels – remember, everything’s on a payline – with the implication ultimately that she’s the real prize in the Race to Win slot.

Oddly, Race to Win contains no wild symbol, a feature seen in at least 99% of all online slots games. However, the checkered flag is a special symbol, a sort of proto-scatter that, when two or three land in a spin, a “Mystery Win” is awarded. Relatively little fanfare and no interaction happens on a Mystery Win, but we’ll forgive the lack of hoopla when wins between 5x and 50x bet refill the ol’ virtual coffers.

Combine it all with lots of sound effects and adrenaline-pumping music (well, sort of; you know how slots music goes) and Race to Win is a fun play for any slot machine fan, and the retro classic slots-seeking types will be all over this one. In fact, for the latter folks, Race to Win is a best-of-both-worlds-scenario: The 3-reel format with no true paylines to speak of, an exciting blend of nostalgic spinners and up-to-date online casino software technology…