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Road trip and Road Trip Max Ways slot game

Road Trip and Road Trip Max Ways slot gamesWhat’s more American than a good solid road trip? A good solid road trip with former President of these here United States Bill Clinton and ex-Miami Vice TV cop Don Johnson, of course; combine this Americana with the opportunity to win a pile of money for a little investment and you’ve got the Road Trip slots game and its sequel, the awesomer Road Trip Max Ways.

Road Trip is a bit of an oldie-but-goodie in itself, with (today) a small nine paylines on five reels, and wagers of just 5₵ and $1.25 per spin in the basic version of the game available at hosting online casinos. For some reason, a hotrod is the wild symbol; this appears in reels 2 and 4 only, but are expanding wilds – always appreciated. The Route 66 sign is the scatter (now *that* makes sense from a storytelling perspective) and wins free spins along with a payout of up to 100x when two to five of these land on a single spin. 

The key vehicle on this road spin, the blue tuck, is merely the highest-paying symbol, at a whopping 7500 coins, while the love interest is represented by a comely truck stop waitress type.

The Road Trip slot was upgraded a few years after the initial game’s popularity and a couple of leaps of the slots technology ladder, with the result called Road Trip Max Ways. In terms of the open-road backstory, our heroes Bill and Don return but the outlying environment has changed slightly: The pulchritudinous lass of the first Road Trip has become a trucker herself, while the blue vehicle our boys drive across the fruited plain is now a spiffy red.

For the player, the most important aspect of Road Trip Max Ways is that last bit of the title. As implied, this Road Trip slot is a “243 Ways” game, i.e. simply land three like symbols anywhere in the first three reels to win. Antes are based on 25s, as though the game had 25 paylines, and bets per spin can go as high as $125.

Once again, the road of Road Trip Max Ways is lined on both sides with food: Burgers and beer, pancakes and ice cream. (Wait, no coffee?) Sadly, while those symbols all pay higher than do their counterparts in the first game, the higher-payling symbols are, on average, scaled back in max payout. Five tucks now win up to 2,500 coins, while five diner symbols are worth up to 1,500x.

The expanding wilds made it into the sequel and as in the original Road Trip slot, appear in reels 2 and 4 only. This time around, the proto-Don Johnson is a scatter. Landing three of these launches free spins numbering up to 50 – talk about your Max Ways. This is definitely one of the best car slots games out there today.