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Range Rover Evoque Is The First Premium Compact SUV To Pass 2020 RDE2 Emission Rules

The new Range Rover Evoque is the first premium compact SUV that passes the stricter RDE2 emissions standards ahead of their enforcement in January 2020.

Land Rover’s newest compact SUV passes the Real Driving Emissions tests in its D150 manual FWD version, featuring a 2.0-liter diesel four-cylinder with 147hp (150PS).

In order to comply with the upcoming emissions certification, the vehicle in question must emit up to 80mg/km of NOx, and the new Range Rover Evoque does exactly that more than a year ahead of the RDE2’s implementation on all new vehicles.

“The new Range Rover Evoque uses a low-friction engine design which has reduced real-world driving NOx emissions by 90% since 2010, demonstrating vast progress for Jaguar Land Rover,” said Nick Rogers, Executive Director of Product Engineering, Jaguar Land Rover.

“Independent groups, including AIR Index (Allow Independent Road-testing) and ADAC (Allgemeiner Deutscher Automobil-Club), are verifying that our diesels are some of the cleanest available.”

The low-friction engine design in combination with the AdBlue and the particulate filters that trap 99.9 percent of soot, make the new Evoque D150 comparable to a petrol-powered SUV while still offering a better fuel economy and lower CO2 emissions.

The new Range Rover Evoque also features new Active Vanes that remain closed during the initial warm-up but also in conditions when additional cooling isn’t required, such as on the motorway, improving aerodynamic efficiency by 14 percent.