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Land Rover Defender Camper Will Take You Any Place, Any Time

The Land Rover Defender is one of the best do-anything vehicles in the world, and this particular example modified into a camper could be the perfect home away from home for adventurers.

The company behind the modified Defenders in question goes by the name of CamperHus. They leave absolutely no stone unturned and can design an interior to perfectly suit the specifications of each customers.

In this particular Defender, for example, everything aft the front two seats has been transformed. On one side of the cabin seats a bench seat running vertically along a new wooden floor, and on the other there’s a number of cabinets, a stove, sink, and a fold-out table. The seats can also be re-positioned into a make-shift bed.

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Vanclan reports that a Defender converted into a camper by CamperHus also includes a fridge, a number of 240-volt electric sockets, and heaps of storage, including enough space to hold up to 40 liters of water and a 4.5 kg gas bottle for your cooking needs. The roof can also be modified so it extends upwards to allow occupants to comfortably stand up straight in the rear.

Obviously, outfitting a Defender with all these convenient parts comes at the cost of weight, and while we don’t know how much a fully-loaded Defender Camper weighs, we suspect the added mass would impact the vehicle’s off-road prowess. Which, given the immense capabilities of Land Rover’s icon, shouldn’t really pose a problem anyway.

Pricing for transforming the Defender into a rolling home starts from a relatively reasonable £11,950 ($15,283), although it all depends on how each client wants to customize their own vehicle.