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2020 Land Rover Defender interior spied, matches leaked photo

A few months ago, we saw a photo of what was allegedly the 2020 Land Rover Defender interior. Now we have spy photos of a Defender prototype that give us a clear look at what's in the luxury SUV, and they match up pretty much perfectly with the leaked photo.

The dash design is chunky and chiseled, emphasizing the SUV's utilitarian history and focus. The shifter is also up on the center stack, as expected by the leaked photo, which frees up space for center storage or even room for a front bench seat. We can just barely make out the air vents up on the top of the dash. The steering wheel is also the unique piece we haven't seen in other Land Rovers, yet.

Unlike other Land Rovers, there's only one center screen for infotainment, and the climate controls are operated with buttons and knobs. The climate controls are right next to terrain management and ride-height controls, and it looks like the knobs may be multi-function. A pair of buttons sit between the knobs, one of which points to the left one with some sort of terrain symbol, and the other is a fan symbol pointing to the right knob, both of which suggest alternate uses for the knobs.

Aside from the interior, we also get a good, close look at the Defender's new fully independent suspension. These close-up shots reveal that the SUV will be available with air suspension. We also get more looks at the boxy exterior of both the two-door and four-door models, both of which have tailgate-mounted spare tires.

The 2020 Land Rover Defender will finally be revealed at the Frankfurt Motor Show this September. In addition to the retro styling, modern suspension design and multiple body styles, we've also seen evidence of a hybrid variant. That same hybrid prototype also showed some interesting off-road equipment including a brush guard and a hidden winch.