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Leaked Lego Technic kit may show 2021 Land Rover Defender

The 2021 Land Rover Defender won't make its official debut until this September, but of all things, an upcoming Lego Technic kit may have revealed what it looks like.

Lego enthusiast website The Brothers Brick posted images of the new kit on Friday. Motor 1 found it and reported on it on Saturday. The images show an SUV that looks awfully familiar when compared to spy photos of the upcoming luxury off-roader. Nowhere in the leaked information or images does it confirm this is the next-generation Defender, but it certainly doesn't look like the classic Defender we knew for decades. The website said the kit is designed as a "replica of the legendary utility vehicle."

Teaser for new Land Rover Defender debuting in 2019

While the overall profile of the Lego kit seems to match the spy photos of the upcoming Defender, a few elements don't quite fit with what we've seen in spy photos. To start, we can't see the rear end, but it appears to show a blockier, more upright look than the final vehicle may have. Secondly, the round headlights don't match prototypes we've seen of the 2021 Defender. Spy shots have shown what look like horizontal lights without a signature round element. It's very possible these lights are placeholders, however. The first-generation Defender sported round lights, and the reborn model could hang onto the look—even though the overall design will not be retro.

Potential 2021 Land Rover Defender Lego kit leak

Finally, the model has a working winch. We haven't noticed winches on any 2021 Defender prototypes, but again, this could show up on the production vehicle.

What's most curious is the timing of the Technic set's release. Land Rover has scheduled the new Defender to debut in September, while the Lego kit will supposedly show up in October. Seems rather coincidental to us.

Nevertheless, we'll see the what the latest Defender has in store when it bows in a few months. Lego fans can also look forward to creating their own Defender—all 2,573 pieces of it. According to The Brothers Brick, the kit will cost about $204 based on current exchange rates from the British pound to the U.S. dollar.