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Strange way new Defender revealed - by accident

LEGO may have revealed crucial clues about the upcoming Land Rover Defender with its latest Technic kit that was leaked over the weekend.

First published by Lego enthusiast website The Brothers Brick, the early information is limited to some small details and images of the upcoming kit, which is expected to go on sale in October - a month after the much anticipated (real) new Defender is due to be revealed.

With wheels that look as though they were modelled from those used on development vehicles released by Land Rover, online speculation has mounted that the Lego kit shows key details.

Pictures of the new Defender Lego kit show it in a retro-inspired olive green colour, one that would logically be used on the real life version. There is also a contrasting white roof, long a feature of classic Land Rovers.

The Lego Defender also sports bulging wheel arches with prominent bolts holding them in place.

Circular headlights housed in a rectangular cutout also give hope some of the iconic original Defender cues may remain on the production vehicle, albeit with some modern reinterpretations.

The Lego model doesn't seem to have the bonnet clips that have featured on the various images of development cars released by Land Rover.

The Defender Lego model also has independent suspension front and rear - as expected on the production car - and a winch integrated into its front bumper.

Land Rover is deep into a drip feed media campaign that has trickled out details on testing and development as well as the release of numerous images of camouflaged cars.

The Defender is Land Rover's most loved model and is seen as the heart of the brand, harking back to the original Land Rover of 1948.

The previous Defender was discontinued in 2016 due to challenges meeting stricter emissions and safety regulations.

Speculation as to what the new Defender will look like has been hotly debated online for years.

In 2011 Land Rover showed two concepts called DC100, each modern reinterpretations of the legendary rugged off-roader that shared its genes with the original series Land Rover models.

Those two concept cars were poorly received and Land Rover shelved any plans to send them down the production line, instead extending the life of the previous car and going back to the drawing board.

Lego's more detailed and functional Technic kits have recreated many legendary cars, including the Bugatti Chiron, Porsche 911 RSR and Chevrolet Corvette ZR1.

Technic kits are typically functional and are more detailed and contain more pieces than standard Lego sets.

The Defender Lego kit is said to have a working four-speed gearbox driving all four wheels through three differentials. The winch is also operational.

Overseas reports suggest it will be priced from £159.99 ($295).