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LEGO Land Rover Defender outed





UPDATE 25/06/2019 10:30am: A Land Rover fan page on Instagram called landroverphotoalbum has provided an even better look at the new Land Rover Defender by leaking an undisguised image of its blocky exterior via its digital instrument cluster — see below.

The cat is out of the bag – the new Land Rover Defender has been revealed and rusted-on fans are rejoicing over the fact it retains the blocky design ethos of its predecessor.

OK, so it’s a LEGO replica of the new British engineered and designed Defender that was leaked online and it’s probably not the most accurate rendition of the new model.

But it will warm the cockles of the hearts of traditionalists keen to see some retro design cues.

The front-end design appears to have big, bold circular headlights like its predecessor, and a chunky, square snout.

The almost $300 LEGO Land Rover Defender is 42cm long, 20cm wide and 22cm tall, and the listing that has since been taken down by Smyths Toys reveals that the vehicle will have an inline six-cylinder engine.

The LEGO Defender toy gets a front winch, three diffs, a four-speed tranny and independent suspension.

It’s fair to say the real thing will cost a bit more than $300 and probably almost certainly won’t come with a four-speed auto.

Two versions of the Defender will be sold when the vehicle arrives in Australia from early 2020: the Defender 90, which is represented here as the short-wheelbase three-door model, and the long-wheelbase Defender 110, a five-door offering with more interior space.

The production vehicle will be unveiled in September and the order books will open in late 2019 for Aussie customers, but pricing for the rugged 4WD has not yet been confirmed.

The new model raised eyebrows when it spotted testing on the Nurburgring, suggesting it might have lost its adventurous edge, but Land Rover says the new Defender will be the most capable off-roader it’s ever built.

The Defender will be built at Land Rover’s new factory in Slovakia.