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Jaguar-Land Rover to invest in EV production in the UK

This past Friday in London, Jaguar Land Rover announced it will modernize one of its existing assembly plants in central England so that it can eventually produce a range of new electrified vehicles. Them ove is also designed to kick-start a moribund British auto industry that has been hit hard in recent years by global consumer trends as well as uncertainty over Brexit.

The plant in question is the facility in Castle Bromwich; the plan is for it to produce a number of different electrified models in the coming years, including the next-generation Jaguar XJ. The model was to have gone entirely electric, but the automaker has confirmed that gasoline-powered versions would also be offered during the new generation’s lifespan.

The investments amount to several hundred million pounds sterling, and it will allow Jaguar-Land Rover to maintain jobs within Britain. Despite now being owned by an Indian conglomerate, the company has very much held on to its British roots, so that is a crucial motivator. As well, the move is in line with the company’s oft-stated goal of moving speedily towards the electrification of its product range.

The company also confirmed, moreover, that a battery-production facility will be up and running as soon as 2020. The plant will have a capacity of 150,000 units per year. In subsequent years, the Castle Bromwich will become operational, and new Jaguar-Land Rover EVs will begin to see the light of day.