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Take a closer look at Edmund Hillary tribute Land Rover

We've already reported on the launch of Land Rover New Zealand's special-edition Discovery, which celebrates the 100th birthday of Sir Edmund Hillary.

But we've now had a chance to have a much closer look at the vehicle: click on the video above to check out the finer details.

We're fans for a number of reasons.

First is that it's not just a mere marketing exercise from Land Rover NZ. In fact, the Himalayan Trust (founded by Sir Edmund in 1960) approached Land Rover NZ for the project, not the other way around.

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Second, the vehicles will generate a substantial amount of money for the Trust. Land Rover is donating $7500 from each vehicle, for a total of $150,000.

Third - it's a unique Kiwi enhancement package. The base Discovery was specified with as much off-road-appropriate equipment as possible from the factory.

To that Land Rover NZ and enhancement specialist RVE have created a number of special features, including bespoke wheel arch flares to house the larger wheel and tyre package, a low-profile winch that sits flush at the front and a special "100 years" branded light bar on the roof rack.

The vehicle has special Sir Edmund Hillary signature badging inside and out. Buyers also receive a $2000 voucher for Hillary clothing and an uncirculated $5 note signed by Sir Ed back in 1993.

The vehicle featured here, on display at Archibald & Shorter North Shore in Auckland, is currently the only Hillary Edition Discovery in existence. But there are 19 more on the way.