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Carmaker offering ultimate upgrades for its 90, 110 cars

Land Rover Defender owners can now benefit from the ultimate upgrade of their cars. While there is a new Defender in the works some purists will still be devoted to the boxy and brutish design of the old school car. The car has a cult-like following and a legacy of being a rugged tank which is master off-roading. Now, the Land Rover Classic is introducing a range of upgrades for older Defender models which delivers enhanced performance and on-road agility. 

The upgrade is inspired by the exclusive limited-edition Defender Works V8 – 70th Edition.

It is the first of the kind from Land Rover Classic which allows Defender owners to enhance 90 and 110 derivatives built between 1994 and 2016.

Calum McKechnie, Head of Land Rover Classic, said: “In 2018, Land Rover’s 70th Anniversary year, we saw unprecedented demand for the limited-edition Defender Works V8, which brought new levels of handling and performance to this iconic vehicle.

"Extending the range of fully engineered, tested and approved upgrades offered by Land Rover Classic underlines our commitment to supporting existing Defender owners, as we look forward to the new Defender’s world premiere later this year.”

Upgrades include diamond-turned 18-inch Sawtooth alloy wheels which can be fitted to Defenders built from 1994 model year onwards.

There is also a Defender Suspension Upgrade Kit available for cars with the model year 2007 onwards. This comprises of uniquely-tuned suspension tailored for on-road comfort and dynamics with revised coil spring rates, dampers, anti-roll bars, links, and bushes.

A Defender Handling Upgrade Kit adds uprated Works V8 specification brake discs, pads, and calipers to the 18-inch Sawtooth alloy wheels and enhanced suspension.

The final of the upgrades is only available on 2.2-litre TDCi models from 2012 onwards. 

This is the Defender Classic Works Upgrade Kit which includes all of the wheel, brake and suspension elements in addition to new performance-rated tyres and an engine upgrade which delivers an extra 40PS – a total output of 162PS and 463Nm torque increasing top speed is increased to 106mph.

This upgrade also includes bespoke badging across the body and comes with a tour of the Land Rover’s Classic Works, UK, or Essen, Germany, facility – where the upgrade is carried out.

Customers can order the Sawtooth alloy wheels, Suspension and Handling Upgrade Kits and have them fitted by their local Land Rover Retailer as well as Land Rover Classic’s facilities in Coventry and Essen.

Upgrade Kit - UK retail price including VAT