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Startech Gives New Range Rover Evoque Mk2 A Modest Makeover

After having their way with the first-gen Range Rover Evoque, Startech has now concentrated its efforts on the second generation, presenting a bunch of aftermarket parts for it.

Available for all 2019MY versions of the premium compact SUV, the tuner’s bundle includes a carbon fiber bonnet panel cover, fender insert cover and side mirror caps. Next, you can select between two wheel sets, the Monostar R 20-inch and Monostar M 22-inch, while vehicles without the optional air suspension can be fitted with the lowering springs, which drop the ride height by 35 mm (1.4 in).

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Changes made on the inside are even more modest, so if you were hoping for carbon fiber trim and new upholstery options, you’re going to be disappointed. Instead, Startech is limiting its offerings to aluminum pedals and footrest, with their own branding, as well as a set of floor mats that will only be visible to those who know everything about the latest generation Evoque.

The exterior add-ons and aluminum footrest will set you back €4,271 ($4,755) in Germany. The aftermarket pedals are in the works and the tuner didn’t say how much the floor mats cost. The larger wheels will add another €2,618 ($2,914), the smaller ones €2,340 ($2,605) and the lowering springs have a price tag of €470,05 ($523).

Startech said that a full aerodynamic package for the 2019 Range Rover Evoque will be launched soon. No details about engine upgrades were announced at the time of writing.