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Woman crushed between cars during alleged road rage incident in London

A woman suffered serious injuries after being crushed between two cars in what is being described as an alleged road rage incident in London, England.

The frightening altercation was caught on camera by Vancouver resident Deepak Anand who witnessed the incident from aboard a bus.

Speaking to via Twitter, Anand, who is in London on vacation with his wife and son, said he didn’t see what provoked the driver of a Land Rover to reportedly drive into the woman, but witnessed the aftermath of the altercation.

“I don't know what the cause was, or if there was an altercation/crash/etc. But I did witness the driver of the Land Rover accelerate onto oncoming traffic and lodge the woman in between his vehicle and the Mercedes Benz,” Anand alleged.

“Police arrived not too long after and tasered the driver and handcuffed him.”

According to Metropolitan Police, the woman, in her 40s, was taken to hospital where her condition was described as non-life-threatening but possibly life-changing.

A 23-year-old man, the suspected driver of the Land Rover, was arrested at the scene on suspicion of affray, described as using unlawful violence or force towards another person.

Police say he was later arrested under suspicion of grievous bodily harm and driving while disqualified. He remains in custody.

Anand told that the incident has shaken his wife and caused him to rethink his future travel plans to the city.

“After seeing all this, my wife is paranoid. She's witnessed petty crime in London daily,” he wrote.

“I like it but it's becoming increasingly unsafe. I'm not sure that we'd choose to visit London as a matter of priority in the future given the safety concerns particularly with our son.”