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Jaguar Land Rover may share platforms with BMW





As Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) continues to look at way to reduce costs after posting a record $US4 billion loss in the fourth quarter of 2018, new reports suggest the Indian-owned British car-maker is ready to extend its tech-sharing alliance with German rival BMW.

According to Autocar, JLR could broker a deal to use the BMW Group’s new front/all-wheel drive FAAR platform architecture, which replaced UKL and debuted under the new BMW 1 Series, to produce a range of all-new compact models.

These could include a small SUV and crossover coupe, potentially dubbed the Jaguar A-PACE and B-PACE, as well as an all-new compact SUV from Land Rover, which could bring back the Freelander name and take design cues from the still-born 2011 DC100 concept (pictured).

An extension of the arrangement could see the next-generation Land Rover Discovery Sport and Range Rover Evoque emerge around 2025 on the same platform as the next-generation MINI Countryman and BMW X1 and X2.

The platform-sharing deal would make financial sense for JLR, which would avoid the high costs involved in developing its own all-new platform on which to base the new compact models it requires to meet tighter new European CO2 fleet emissions regulations due in 2025 and 2030.

Jaguar and BMW are already working together to co-develop a new electric drive unit (EDU) for upcoming vehicles, with around 200 JLR engineers working hand-in-hand at BMW’s HQ in Munich.

As well as V8 engines, BMW will reportedly also supply JLR with four- and six-cylinder engines in both standard and hybrid form.

It wouldn’t be the first time BMW shared one of its platforms with another car manufacturer in recent times, with the Toyota Supra borrowing the BMW Z4’s chassis architecture and much of its interior parts, tech and infotainment systems.

JLR will continue to use its own platforms for larger new SUV and sedan models, including the born-again 2020 Defender, all-electric Jaguar XJ, all-new Jaguar J-PACE, fifth-generation Range Rover and a new electric Range Rover crossover.