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Uncovered 2020 Land Rover Defender seen on set of Bond film

Fans of Land Rover SUVs have been impatiently awaiting the arrival of the revived next-generation Defender, which in its early iterations did much to grow the reputation of the British brand.

A number of spy shots of the camo-covered SUV have made the rounds online previously, but now a share-happy person on the set of No Time to Die, the latest Bond film, has leaked a full-monty image. The photo shows an uncamouflaged Defender, and it spread via the Instagram account of said share-happy person, who goes by the name of Steven Firth (shedlocktwothousand).

Published yesterday, the image has as of now earned over 2,400 “likes” and more than 270 comments.

The photo doesn’t reveal everything, but it does give a good idea of what we can expect. It shows a good balance between traditional elements of the model of years past and a more modern esthetic. Also noteworthy is how distinct the model is from other Land Rover products that tend to be far too similar to one another.

Case in point are the front headlights, which are square in form but sit on a fairly rounded body, as in the past.

The hook in the front also serves notice of the vehicle’s vocation. In any case, that the Defender is being used in this context in a Bond film action sequence says much about the image the company wants to project for the model.

The 2020 Land Rover Defender will make its official in-person debut next September 10 at the Frankfurt auto show, at which point we’ll have more detailed information and photos.