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Land Rover Is Obsessed With Improving Reliability Of Its Tech

Land Rovers aren’t exactly known for their reliability, but the British car manufacturer says that is an area it is hell-bent on improving.

At an interview with Car Advice during the launch of the 2020 Defender, Land Rover’s head of engineering, Nick Rogers, said they are focusing extensively on ensuring the reliability of its electrical systems.

“From how you look at us five years ago and how we are today, [the] rate of growth is like nothing on Earth,” Rogers said. “We’ve developed a training program from network design to software engineering … [and] ran a complete training program for all leadership, educating the whole of the management team.”

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“[We are] obsessed about reliability. All of the cars that we are running now are data logged, every device transmitter, everything that is going on [is logged]. We are on a journey, you don’t wake up one morning and everything is perfect. We are the most improved brand in JD Power. Not happy with our position, but we are moving with an obsession to change, and it will take some time and we are absolutely pushing it like nothing on Earth.”

The all-new Defender promises to be superior to its predecessor in every way, but the fact that it is loaded with advanced technologies has raised some concerns. For example, it debuts the company’s new Land Rover Electronic Vehicle Architecture (EVA 2.0) infotainment system that supports Software-Over-The-Air updates. While new tech is undoubtedly welcome, it can bring with it certain issues, so it’s good to know that Land Rover is working tirelessly to improve its electronics.