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Lego launches Technic Land Rover Defender set

The reveal of the new Land Rover Defender has caused a sensation around the motoring world this week and Lego has added to the excitement of the launch (for a certain selection of fans at least) with the announcement of its own version of the car.

Revealed, just like the real thing, at the 2019 Frankfurt Motor Show, the Lego Technic Land Rover Defender is a scaled down version of the 2020 model designed to appeal to Lego fans and Land Rover enthusiasts of all ages.

Despite the iconic boxy Defender shape being a perfect fit for the brick-base construction toy, this is the first official tie-up between the companies.

The 2,573-piece set was developed in partnership with Land Rover and closely follows the new car’s instantly recognisable silhouette.

It also recreates many of the real car’s features including a working four-wheel drive system with three differentials, fully independent suspension and a working winch. It also gets Technic’s most sophisticated gearbox ever with high- and low-range settings, although unlike the real thing the Lego model has a four-speed sequential ‘box.

It’s also loaded with accessories from the Defender’s options list such as a working winch, removable roof rack with storage box, pannier, ladder and traction mats so you can go on your own miniature off-road adventures around the garden.

Joe Sinclair, director of branded goods and licensing at Jaguar Land Rover, said: “The Land Rover Defender and Lego brand are both iconic across the world, and the launch of New Defender felt like the perfect time to bring them together.

“The level of detail and engineering that has gone into creating this Lego model perfectly reflects the work of our own designers and engineers who have been so dedicated to bringing a motoring icon back for the 21st century.”

The Lego Land Rover Defender goes on sale around the world on October 1 and has just shot its way to the top of our Christmas list.