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James Ruppert: Traversing the minefield that is second-hand Discoveries

It is always great to catch up with you, dear reader, as you share some great stories and experiences that are nothing short of inspirational. Take Nicholas, who I was chatting to in the early part of the year. He had a tired old Subaru Impreza with a very considerable mileage, and you can read about it some more on the opposite page.

Nicholas needed family transportation, so you might think he would go for the obvious SUV. For a while he was talking to me about Cayennes. It seems that I am now the go-to idiot for advice on just how to acquire and cope with a cheap highrise Porker.

Anyway, he did the utterly unthinkable and bought an old Land Rover Discovery. You can certainly make a case for the Disco 1, certainly not a 2, and maybe a Discovery 4 would not be so bad. Indeed, he even sent me a picture of it mid-dump run. He’s happy with his Disco 4, and given that the new Defender is rather brick-like, it looks like a smart move. So instead of paying £45,000-plus for a new 110, it’s possible to get a Discovery 4 for rather less.

I was rather excited to find a Commercial version at £5995. That would buy you a 2010, albeit with a staggering 250,000 miles. I came across quite a few six-figure-mileage Discos. Clearly, then, they must be around for the long haul. It had the 2.7TD engine and there was none of the VAT that commercials can attract, but I’ve got a commercial Land Rover I will never sell, so let’s keep searching.