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Range Rover Sport SVR Has No Chance Against Mercedes-AMG G63

The Mercedes-AMG G63 has a reputation as one of the most brutal and powerful SUVs on earth – and rightfully so. However, the Range Rover Sport SVR is also a beast in its own right, so CarWow recently organized a tug of war contest between the duo.

The G63 used in the test is the latest model and for the first three of the four tugs that were held, had all three of its differentials locked and was running in low-range. In terms of power, it uses a twin-turbocharged 4.0-liter V8 delivering a neck-snapping 577 HP and 627 lb-ft (850 Nm) of torque.

By comparison, the Range Rover Sport SVR is a little bit older than the G63 and features a supercharged 5.0-liter V8 with 566 HP and 516 lb-ft (700 Nm) of torque. It has center and rear locking differentials, although the driver didn’t manually switch them on for this test; he simply selected Grass mode and let the computers do all the work.

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In three of the four tug of wars, it was the Range Rover Sport SVR that proved too much for the G63, regardless of whether or not the differentials of the G63 were locked or not. In one of the attempts, it was a dead-heat.

The results might be a surprise, given the Merc’s power advantage, but it’s important to remember that Land Rover arguably builds the best off-roaders on the planet and the Range Rover Sport SVR is one of the company’s finest. It’s also very impressive on the road and can hit 174 mph (280 km/h), well beyond the 149 mph (240 km/h) top speed of the G63 if you even happen to be on an Autobahn.