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Victoria Beckham teases husband David's Lego skills with Star Wars set

We know he's a footballer and a model, but it turns out that David Beckham is also a die-hard Lego fan.

His wife, Spice Girl-turned-fashion designer Victoria, teased her husband of two decades in an Instagram story showing David with two Lego sets she gave him for Christmas.

The video begins with David Beckham hard at work  at the kitchen table building a Land Rover Defender. 

"You should be alright," his wife says, zooming in on the "11+" age indicator on the box. 

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But she ups the ante with the next set: a Star Wars Imperial Star Destroyer labelled "16+". 

"I've got a surprise for David," Victoria Beckham says. "This one should be a little bit more challenging, and the minute that he finishes his Land Rover - which he thinks is only going to take him a day - I'm going to pull out this Star Wars Lego."

She adds: "I think this is probably going to take him until next Christmas."

The video finishes with David still busy at the table even as night has fallen outside, working on a largely-finished Land Rover.

It is captioned "How many hours has it been?"