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Land Rover Defender claims world-first dual eSIM connectivity

Jaguar Land Rover has claimed a world first for its upcoming 2020 Land Rover Defender line with dual modem, dual eSIM connectivity.

The system is powered by two Qualcomm Snapdragon 820Am automotive platforms, each with an integrated Snapdragon X12 modem.

With two LTE modems, the Defender can download software over the air (SOTA) updates without interruption and while streaming music and apps through the vehicle's Pivi Pro infotainment system.

The Defender has 16 electronic modules that can be updated remotely, and uses cloud based technology from CloudCar to provide personalisation, content and services.

There is also a comprehensive range of advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) developed with Bosch including a 3D surround camera system

Land Rover is showing the Defender 110 and 90 at CES on both the Qualcomm and BlackBerry stands.

The automaker said the Pivi Pro infotainment system shares electronic hardware with the latest smartphones.

With its own designated LTE modem and eSIM, the SOTA technology can operate in the background without affecting the connectivity provided by the separate modem and eSIM in the infotainment module.

The always-on, connected Pivi Pro has a 10-inch high-resolution touchscreen.

Passengers can connect two mobile devices at once using Bluetooth.

"With one LTE modem and eSIM dedicated to the SOTA technology and the same set-up looking after music streaming and apps, New Defender has the digital capacity to keep customers connected, updated and entertained at all times anywhere in the world," said Peter Virk, director of connected car and future technology, Jaguar Land Rover.

"You could liken the design to a brain, with each half enjoying its own connection for unrivalled and uninterrupted service. Like the brain, one side of the system looks after logical functions, like SOTA, while the other takes care of more creative tasks."

Pivi Pro has its own battery, so the system is always on and able to respond immediately on startup. As a result, the navigation is ready to accept new destinations the moment the driver sits in the vehicle. The system allows customers to access to the latest software updates remotely – including navigation mapping data – without the need to visit retailers for updates to be installed.

The LTE connectivity behind the Jaguar Land Rover infotainment system also allows the New Defender to roam across multiple networks in different regions to help optimise connectivity.

In addition, the cloud based architecture is designed to make it easy to access and use content and services.

Land Rover has also confirmed the first New Defender SUVs will feature more SOTA capability than originally projected. At the Frankfurt show launch in September 2019, the automaker said 14 individual electronic control modules would be able to receive remote updates, however, the first production vehicles will feature 16 control units capable of receiving SOTA updates.

Engineers estimate that dealer software updates will be a thing of the past for Defenders before the end of 2021 as additional SOTA modules come online, rising from the current 16 to 45.

JLR adds SOTA capability range wide and backdates

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