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New Range Rover Sport spied spied with a familiar look for the first time

Feast your eyes upon the next-gen Range Rover Sport. Hopefully you remember which Range Rover that is — if not, here’s a handy guide, because it can be really confusing.

Now that we’re all on the same page of Land Rover world, let’s dive into what these new photos show. To no one’s surprise, the Range Rover Sport’s shape doesn’t appear to be changing much. It has the heavily raked rear window and similarly muscular body lines going down the vehicle’s waistline like before. However, there are a few interesting bits we’ll note. The rear hatch looks a bit different than before with a spoiler lip jutting out below the window line and a rear bumper that extends further out than the current production vehicle. The larger spoiler on top of the roof is reminiscent of the current Sport’s roof spoiler, but it’s a tad less curvy. We’re not seeing anything significantly different in any of the pillars, but the hood camouflage could be hiding some subtle shape changes in the front end.

The whole grille is covered up, but rest assured that the grille is still traditional Range Rover, not some trendy, gargantuan, gaping mouth. We can see a preview of the new lights this Range Rover will be sporting, though. The LEDs remind us of the funky shapes used by the Evoque and even the new Defender. We dig the squared-off style, and we’re excited to see what the new front end looks like with the fancy lighting tech. It’s all still rather mysterious with the blocked-off lower bumper that covers every inch of the front’s surface area, though.

This Land Rover appears to have regular door handles instead of the auto retracting handles on the new Evoque and Velar. We can’t be totally sure with the camouflage doing some concealment work, but they do jut out of the doors as one would expect a traditional door handle to do.

We don’t blame Land Rover for keeping it simple and traditional with this ute’s shape. The Range Rover is iconic, and everybody knows what to expect from this vehicle year-after-year. A next-gen non-Sport model hasn’t been spied quite yet, but we’ll imagine it’ll pop up soon.

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