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This 'Baby' Land Rover Defender SUV Looks Absolutely Perfect

Late last year, a report surfaced that Land Rover is planning a Defender-inspired baby off-roader and while we don’t have confirmation as to whether such a model is indeed in the works, designer Dejan Hristov has decided to imagine what a baby Defender could look like.

In creating the pint-sized off-roader, Hristov decided the vehicle should adopt a boxy design dominated by straight lines and flat-surfaces to mimic some of the finest Land Rover models produced over the decades.

Looking at the front, the off-roader is immediately identifiable as a Land Rover thanks to its front grille and, of course, a large Defender badge. The lights are particularly interesting as they are simply thin LED strips neatly incorporated into the front fascia. Certain baby Defender models rendered also include additional LED driving lights on either side of the grille.

Elsewhere, the off-roader includes a flat-roof and squared wing mirrors and has been rendered in both two- and four-door guises. We’re particularly fond of the two-door as its tiny, Suzuki Jimny-esque wheelbase would aid in its off-road ability.

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Other key design traits of the baby Land Rover include LED taillights, a large spare wheel cover on the tailgate, steel side steps, and a large sunroof.

It is claimed the junior Land Rover Defender could use a new platform dubbed the Omega-Arc (Optimal Modular Efficient Global Advanced Architecture) by Tata and based around the D8 steel platform of the original Range Rover Evoque and Land Rover Discovery Sport.

The Land Rover in question is rumored (but yet to be confirmed by any official sources) to launch as early as 2021, so if reports prove to be accurate, we could be seeing it before the end of this year.