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Would You Pay Nearly $1,500 For These Aftermarket Range Rover Sport Taillights?

Remember the GL-5i taillights unveiled by Glohh back in 2018? They were aimed at the latest-generation Range Rover Sport, providing it with a 3D brake light, sharp sequential indicator and a hidden reverse light.

Now, the tuner has just come out with the GL-5x taillight, boasting a dark-polish lens, interchangeable aero fin and an enhanced ambient light value for reduced glare. Prices start from a…Land Rover-appropriate $1,449.

The GL-5x is a direct replacement for the Range Rover Sport’s OEM taillights and is compatible with both the pre-facelift 2013-2017 model as well as the facelifted 2018-2020 SUV. You can install the light units on HSE Dynamic, Supercharged, Autobiography Dynamic, PHEV, HSE, HST and SVR versions alike.

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“Our continued evolution is driven by a devotion to fulfil our clients demand for unique, we achieve this feat by delivering the GL-5x, the most exquisite taillight in our line-up,” stated lead designer Dr Faheem Rafiq. “As with all Glohh products, the new GL-5x rear light combines first-class craftsmanship, state-of-the-art technology and fine design. This time we went a step further with the introduction of a world-first interchangeable aero-fin, available in Platinum Satin and High-Gloss Black finishes, designed to appeal to the most discerning clientele.”

The GL-5x’s darkened details are said to emphasize the RRS’s strong stance, while the interchangeable aerodynamic fin can be had in two tailored profiles (AF+ and AF-Elite), both designed to channel airflow.

The Glohh GL-5x taillights are available to purchase worldwide, with pricing set at £1,149 for the UK, €1,329 for Europe and $1,449 for all other countries. They’re also available through Ardenfrom €1,165.01, excluding shopping.