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Long-wheelbase 2021 Range Rover revealed in new spy photos

Land Rover's luxurious Range Rover is due for an overhaul, and these shots are the first we've seen of the marquee British SUV in the wild. 

If you need to squint a bit to tell this prototype apart from the Range Rover Sport that broke cover In January, you'll be forgiven. Heck, even in showroom guise, it can often be difficult to tell various Land Rover models apart

But if you look closely, you can spot the differences. Even through the relatively heavy camouflage, we can tell that this is a longer-wheelbase prototype than the one photographed previously. While Land Rover does offer a short-wheelbase version of the Range Rover, the same is not true of the Sport. 

The rear door and window are the true telltales here, but Land Rover also helpfully fitted the new prototype with similar wheels, making it easier to see how much farther apart they've been placed. 

Unfortunately, some of the most significant expected changes to the next-generation Range Rover are all under the metal, far from our prying eyes.

For starters, there's a new platform. This will be the first time the Range Rover has been underpinned by Jaguar Land Rover's new Modular Longitudinal Architecture (MLA), which has been developed with electrification in mind.

Yeah, there's a more-than-decent chance the next generation of Range Rover models will feature hybrid and/or electric powertrains. 

A new powertrain is also expected, and as we've noted previously, it's likely to be a V8 supplied by BMW. JLR has been exploring partnerships to share both vehicle architecture and powertrains — including electric — with other automakers; BMW's name has come up more than once. 

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