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Vilner Gives An Older Land Rover Discovery A Range Rover-Worthy Makeover

Vilner was recently tasked with working its magic on a previous-generation Land Rover Discovery and has managed to transform the cabin into one fitting of a Range Rover.

The part of the Discovery’s refreshed cabin that immediately gets your attention is the brown leather applied to the seats and complete with brown stitching and featuring a intricate ndiamond pattern. Not only does the new leather look nice but we’re sure it’s beautifully soft to the touch and makes the seats all the more comfortable.

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In addition to adorning the seats with new leather trim, Vilner was also tasked with fitting a number of wooden accents throughout the cabin. They can be found on the door panels, on the steering wheel, in parts of the center console, and a wooden piece below the infotainment screen. The headliner has also been clad in black Alcantara to add to the luxurious feel of the 4×4.

While we wouldn’t go as far as to call the fourth-generation Discovery ‘good-looking’, we do prefer its design over the fifth-generation model. The reason is pretty simple and revolves around the odd asymmetrical design of the new model’s rear fascia. Had the back of the new Discovery been symmetrical, we’re sure consumers would be a bit fonder of its overall design.