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JLR Deploys Army Of Cars Worldwide To Fight Pandemic

Jaguar Land Rover is sending out more than 160 cars around the world, in support of emergency response organizations during the ongoing coronavirus crisis.

A total of 57 vehicles, including 27 new Defenders were issued to the British Red Cross to deliver medicine and food to vulnerable people across the UK. Meanwhile, JLR teams in Spain, France, South Africa and Australia have also loaned vehicles to their Red Cross societies.

The vehicles themselves have been made available by the simple fact that there are no more automotive launch events, so instead of them just sitting in some car park, they are now being put to work, helping those in need.

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Models being made available seem to include everything from Defenders to Range Rovers, Jaguar F-Paces, E-Paces, plus 4-door sedan models from Jaguar.

JLR is also working closely with the UK government and has offered its R&D expertise, as well as digital engineering and design, access to 3D printing, data science support and so on.

“The health and safety of our employees, customers and their families remains our priority. Jaguar and Land Rover will do everything we can to support people in need around the world. Our partnership with the Red Cross goes back 65 years and we will work hand in hand with them to do all we can during this global health emergency. We will also provide help to those closer to home in our local communities. We can all play a part in helping the vulnerable during this global pandemic,” said JLR customer experience director, Finbar McFall.

The Land Rover brand has worked together with the International Federation of Red Cross for over 65 years, helping communities in times of need with disaster-preparedness projects around the world. Also, the British Red Cross has already given £200,000 ($247,000) to support Asian countries gravely affected by the pandemic.