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Black Coffee joins Jaguar Land Rover in raising funds for #FeedingSATogether during lockdown

As lockdown continues to push many South Africans to the brink of desperation, Jaguar Land Rover and the Minnie Dlamini Foundation have joined forces to supply orphanages and nursing homes with nutritious meals.

This is an attempt by the two parties to provide regular meals to these organisations in need during the Covid-19 lockdown. Land Rover also availed 11 to the Red Cross Society to reach vulnerable areas across South Africa.

The non-profit initiative, called #FeedingSATogether, has already seen 90 food packs being delivered to the Khyalethu School near Knysna. A further 200 packs were distributed to orphanages and nursing homes in the Gauteng area.

Dlamini, who is also a Jaguar brand ambassador, said: "Hunger is a daily battle in South Africa, even outside of the harsh circumstances many find themselves in at the moment. The lockdown period, although necessary, has shined a light on the fact that malnutrition and hunger is a massive challenge that has only been intensified by this pandemic."

South African musician, Black Coffee, has joined JLR SA and Dlamini's cause in his way. The artist will have a live stream performance on Saturday, April 25, at 21:00. Details on the performance can be found on all his social media channels.

Black Coffee said: "I'm on a mission from now until this lockdown is over to raise as much money to causes that speak to me. This week, I'm teaming up Jaguar Land Rover South Africa, Minnie Dlamini and the South African Red Cross Society to support the #FeedingSATogether initiative. Each of the food packs they're putting together for a small price can feed those in need for up to a month!"

Join the cause

JLR South Africa sent out a call to action, encouraging South Africans to donate here. Through the BackaBuddy platform, all proceeds will be used only for securing additional food boxes, which will be distributed to those in need by the South African Red Cross. The Red Cross will identify the respective orphanages and nursing homes where deliveries can be performed safely and are most needed.

Lisa Mallett, marketing director, JLR SA, said: "Jaguar Land Rover is proud to have initiated the Feeding SA Together project, and we are overwhelmed with the teamwork and support we have already seen from our ambassadors, partners and new friends such as Diageo. Together we can reach more people and have a positive impact on isolated communities than we ever could have alone."

The focus of SARCS is on education in vulnerable areas, as well as the distribution of protective gear such as masks and gloves, and now food packs and MD hand sanitisers.

Compiled by: Charlen Raymond