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ECD's New Land Rover Defender Project Will Feature A Tesla Electric Drivetrain

East Coast Defender (ECD) will step up its game by entering the electric vehicle world with an assortment of zero-emission Land Rover Defenders.

The Florida-based tuner, known for breathing new life into older Defenders, has come up with a solution to implement a Tesla drivetrain into the iconic British SUV.

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The vehicle will feature a 100 kWh battery pack that will provide it with the necessary juice to run for 220 miles (354 km) on a single charge. It will also be very quick, with an estimated 0-60 mph (0-96 km/h) of 5.0 seconds.

Further details surrounding the build have yet to be announced, but like most of their tuned previous-gen Defenders, the zero-emission ones will also feature a lot of amenities. ECD said that they can personalize each and every BEV SUV with an assortment of aftermarket features, from the off-road accessories such as the jacked-up ground clearance, chunky rubber, steel bumpers, bulbar, winch and trail lights, to the enhanced interiors.

Their projects usually boast fine leather upholstery, new front seats and modern infotainment systems, so the electric Defenders will follow the same route. Further adaptations can be made to suit each client’s lifestyle, and here we would remind another interesting feature that was fitted in the past: the four inward-facing jump seats that raise the number of seats to 9 – you know, for when you want to take the whole family out on a journey through the woods.

ECD is already accepting inquiries for electric Defenders, so if you have the funds and want one, then you should reach out to them and talk numbers and specs.