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Stretched And Armored Range Rover Is Worthy Of Carrying A President (Or A Dictator)

Klassen’s portfolio includes a vast selection of tuned, stretched and/or armored vehicles, but one particular ride stands out; Range Rover SVAutobiography.

Designed as a presidential limo, it will keep occupants safe from gunfire, as it features Level 7 ballistic protection. This means it can withstand multiple shots from a military assault rifle, and even if the bad guys shoot the tires, it will still escape the scene, as the bulletproof tires are included and guarantee a driving distance of up to 50 miles (80 km).

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Compared to the stock Range Rover SVAutobiography, Klassen’s build is 40 inches (1,016 mm) longer. The extra space added between the two axles has opened up tons of interior legroom in the rear passenger compartment, which is completely separated from the driver. Extra privacy is assured by the electric curtains fitted all around, and the vehicle also includes a rear command panel to access different functions.

Two extra seats have been installed at the back, although they can be hidden away to let those who really matter stretch their feet as much as they want to. That may look like a regular panoramic roof, but it is really a sliding hatch with grab handles that can be used by heads of state during parades to wave at the crowds.

The German company behind the project refrained from speaking about any kind of numbers, so in all likelihood, the 5.0-liter supercharged V8 engine is stock, pumping out 557 HP and 516 lb-ft (700 Nm) of torque.

Anyone looking for an armored and stretched luxury SUV isn’t concerned about the money part, which is probably why Klassen hasn’t announced any pricing details. Still, you’re looking at a vehicle which in totally stock form starts at €193,600 ($209,455) in Germany and $209,500 in the U.S., and that’s without any optional extras, so that gives you an idea of the kind of money we’re talking about here.