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1986 Land Rover Defender 110 Transformed By Osprey Custom Cars

Anyone can wax a Defender and offer it for sale. We are fans of classic Land Rovers in any condition, but we also pride ourselves on offering the best examples ever built. That is where the team at Osprey Custom Cars takes pride in their work. Choosing the hardest part yields the greatest results, so they disassemble each Defender when it arrives. Every body panel, switch, and even the trim screws are replaced with New-Old-Stock Land Rover parts, or upgraded to new parts that are usually made in-house.

What you see here was a stock Defender 110 treated to their meticulous process. Starting with a new firewall, the body was treated to new doors, rockers, floors, and a late-model interior. Using the latest in Chevrolet Performance, the LS3 and 6-speed automatic are 50-state emissions legal.

Aaron Richardet, owner and founder of Osprey Custom Cars said to us: “We’ve rebuilt this truck from the ground up with all the finest components and finishes. This includes a GM LS engine, automatic transmission, custom paint, and much, much more. This vehicle is actually more capable off-road while looking and feeling much more luxurious than the original. If you dream it, we can build it!” Click the button below to learn more, and stay with us for the next build from Osprey Custom Cars.

Chassis & Power: