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Land Rover named as one of the top five most unreliable car brands in WhatCar? survey

WhatCar? 2020 Reliability Survey says Land Rover is the least reliable brand up to five years after a model is purchased. The stylish car firm scored a poor reliability rating of just 78.2 percent in a figure almost ten percent lower than its nearest rival, Renault.

The French firm scored an 87.6 percent reliability average which was just lower than Tesla which recorded 88.6 percent.

Nissan and Vauxhall were also found to be in the bottom five with both firms scoring a 90.1 percent reliability score in the survey.

WhatCar?’s report used reader feedback from 13,000 drivers to find the country’s most dependable models.

The owners were asked whether their car has suffered any issues in the past 12 months.

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Participants were also required to answer how long repairs took on average and how much owners were charged for repairs.

The overall score was calculated as a percentage to work out which firms had the most and least reliable models on the market.

The Land Rover Discovery Sport model was found to have a reliability score of just 73.1 percent as it scored lowest in the Large SUV category,

Range Rover models were also found to be the least reliable vehicles in two further categories.

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The Range Rover Evoque scored lowest in the Family SUV group with a reliability rating of just 82.8 percent.

Meanwhile, the Range Rover Sport scored just 74.2 percent in the Luxury SUV category which was topped by the Porsche Macan.

In a statement to, the group said: “Land Rover takes product quality and customer satisfaction very seriously and is working hard to improve.

“These results are clearly disappointing and we will learn from this data.

"Tangible improvements including software updates over the air to reduce the need for customers to bring their vehicles into the retailer, are currently being implemented.

“We are now able to update over a million vehicles remotely. We are seeing customer concerns reduce as we continue to significantly invest in quality control.

Tesla’s Model S was found to be the least reliable electric car in the survey scoring a reliability rating of just 85.7 percent.

However, Tesla’s Model 3 was found to be the most reliable vehicle in the same category with the vehicle scoring an impressive 99.5 percent reliability score. 

The Model 3 was also found to be the most reliable executive car in the market with an identical 99.5 percent reliability score.

Claire Evans, consumer editor of WhatCar? urges drivers to weigh up a model against its reliability score when choosing a new car.

She said: “With nearly 13,000 motorists telling us about their ownership experiences, the What Car? Reliability Survey demonstrates that it’s worth weighing up the desirability of a prospective purchase against its reliability record.

“Pick a dependable model that’s also great to drive and the smile it puts on your face will last for years.

“Pick one with dubious reliability and you’ll be wishing the finance deal would end sooner, so you can replace it.” contacted all five car manufacturers for comment. Tesla refused to provide a comment while Nissan, Renault and Vauxhall have yet to respond.