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Jaguar Land Rover's Active Noise Cancellation Helps Reduce Driver Fatigue

Jaguar Land Rover has detailed the advanced noise cancellation technology featured in the updated Jaguar F-Pace, Jaguar XF and Range Rover Velar.

The company’s Active Road Noise Cancellation system uses Silentium’s Active Acoustics technology that features sensors on each wheel. These sensors constantly monitor the vibrations from the road surface and calculate the opposite phase sound wave needed to remove the noise heard by the occupants. Such a system also allows for the sounds from potholes and rough surfaces to be isolated and removed.

This cancellation sound is then played through the high-end Meridian sound system. The technology also has the ability to monitor which seats are being used to optimize the noise cancellation for all occupants.

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Jaguar Land Rover says the technology can lower unwanted noise peaks by 10dB and overall noise levels by 3-4dB, helping to reduce driver fatigue.

“We are committed to creating a haven for our customers and this new technology allows us to remove unwanted noises from the cabin,” Jaguar Land Rover Refinement Advanced Technologies specialist Iain Suffield said in a statement. “It makes the experience more tranquil, improving passenger wellbeing and helping to reduce cognitive load and thus reaction times. This research is all part of the journey to Destination Zero.”

The Active Road Noise Cancellation system works in conjunction with the Engine Noise Cancellation of the new Jaguar F-Pace and Range Rover Velar with the P400e plug-in hybrid powertrain.