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Jaguar Land Rover introduces cabin noise cancellation tech





The Jaguar F-PACE and Range Rover Velar are soon to benefit from a new noise cancellation system that eliminates unwanted sound in the cabin by as much as 10dB.

According to the Jaguar Land Rover engineers who developed the new tech, the noise cancellation targets low-frequency sound waves up to 300Hz in amplitude, covering tyre roar and wind intrusion that can increase driver fatigue on a long drive.

Prolonged exposure to low-level frequencies has also been proven to reduce reaction times by 17 per cent, making it harder for the driver to deal with hazards ahead.

Targeting the unwanted noise, the new tech works by using microphones mounted on each wheel that actively records the intrusive background racket in real time.

Software then calculates the exact opposite sound waves and plays it though the car’s sound systems to cancel out the droning of the wheels.

The clever tech is said to be capable of adapting to the road surface, wind noise and even weather conditions.

According to the British car-maker, the adoption of the new noise cancellation technology is important for its future models as road and wind noise are more noticeable in plug-in hybrids in EV mode or pure-electric vehicles, like the Jaguar I-PACE, as there isn’t the sound of an internal combustion engine to mask the sound.

Dr Steve Iley, JLR’s chief medical officer, said: “Active road noise cancellation technology not only has the potential to improve road safety but also wellbeing and quality of life for our customers.”

There’s no word yet if the new noise cancelling tech will be optional or standard on the updated Jaguar F-TYPE and Range Rover Velar Down Under.