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Land Rover Halts Evoque And Disco Sport P300e PHEV Sales

After claiming that the Evoque P300e and Discovery Sport P300e plug-in hybrid models put out as little as 32 and 36 g/km of CO2, respectively, Land Rover has had to halt sales in order to reclassify their emissions ratings.

The carmaker’s websites in the UK and Germany already have the two variants classified as “not currently available to order,” which is not a good look.

“Due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, we are not yet in a position to deliver the previously communicated best-case WLTP combined figures,” said Land Rover in a statement. “Work is ongoing, as the business emerges from the COVID-19 pandemic, to deliver the extended electric range and lower CO2 figures.”

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The British brand now says that the lowest emitting model puts out 44 g/km and has an electric range of 43 km (27 miles), compared to 66 km previously – although they declined to say which model this is.

Meanwhile, orders are scheduled to restart on October 26, which is good considering how the Evoque and Discovery Sport are JLR’s two best-selling models in Europe and therefore key to the company’s push to get its fleet CO2 levels below the 132 g/km limit.

According to Autonews Europe, LR buyers writing on an Evoque owners forum in the UK have already complained that deliveries have been delayed. One customer in particular wrote that his Discovery Sport P300e was built in September yet was still being held at the factory.

Meanwhile, a UK Land Rover retailer said that it now has to wait until November for its demonstrator model, although some dealerships will start receiving their PHEVs “later this week.”