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Which Is The Better Off-Roader, The New Land Rover Defender Or The Old One?

The new Land Rover Defender brings with it heaps of advanced off-roading technologies. Eager to see how it compares with its predecessor, CarWow recently pitted the two together for a series of off-road tests.

It goes without saying that both the new Defender and the original are incredibly capable in difficult off-road conditions. Of course, this is no surprise as it is exactly what the two have been designed to be best at. With this in mind, it could be a little difficult to separate the two in certain conditions, but this test does show some cases where the new one is superior.

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For example, the new Defender is much more maneuverable thanks to the tighter turning circle, something that can be hugely beneficial when off-roading. In addition, it was able to climb steep and slippery sections of this off-road course easier than the original, thanks in part to all the advanced electronics that ensure it doesn’t suffer from too much wheel spin.

Elsewhere, the new Defender proves victorious in a test to see which of the two can go down a hill the slowest thanks to the adjustable hill descent control system which the original lacks. All in all, the new model doesn’t just prove to be more capable off-road, but, thanks to the technology that Land Rover has crammed into it, it’s also far easier to drive.