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Land Rover's 'Baby' Defender Due In 2022 With 1.5-Liter Three-Cylinder And FWD?

Jaguar Land Rover has different new models in the making, and it appears that the ‘baby’ Defender is one of them.

Mind you, this isn’t the first time we have heard rumors that the British automaker is planning a new SUV that would slot under the Defender. Now, however, WhatCar reports that it is approximately two years away.

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The British website claims that it should launch with front-wheel drive and a small 1.5-liter, three-cylinder petrol engine, with other powertrains, including a plug-in hybrid, joining the lineup later on alongside the four-wheel drive variant(s). Previous reports have claimed that the ‘baby’ Defender will be based on a shorter and more affordable version of the company’s modular aluminum platform.

While the full-sized off-roader is listed from a little over £40,000 (equal to ~$51,800) in its home market, the smaller SUV is expected to start at around £25,000 (~$32,400). If true, then it would become more affordable than the Discovery Sport too, which is priced from nearly £32,000 (~$41,500) in the United Kingdom.

The official name of the model is unknown, but it has been reported that it might be dubbed either the Land Rover 80 or the Land Rover Defender 80. WhatCar believes that it’s likely a new moniker will be used and it might even start a sub-brand for more affordable Land Rovers.

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