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Lucky guy turns big football parley into new Land Rover

Agloe, New York (OPI) – John Towson had a hunch (or two), played it, and now drives a 2020 Land Rover Discovery as a result.

Since sportsbooks opened at New York’s casinos in summer 2019, John made his way 20 miles to the west to the nearest spot every few weekends. “I never really got into gambling,” he explains, “but I don’t consider sports betting gambling. There is an element of luck, but skill and knowledge are important. At least that’s what I tell my wife.”

After North American sports leagues suspended operations in mid-February, John figured he wouldn’t be betting for a while; in October, though, he got a pair of opportunities he couldn’t ignore. “I saw those two games listed with those big pointspreads and the thought just wouldn’t let me go.”

So on the Saturday night before most of the week 5 games, John made the drive to his favorite sportsbook, not that he didn’t have misgivings. “Trust me: You’ve never seen anyone take so many precautions. I had a hockey mask on over the facemask, gloves on, the whole deal. And once I got home with the ticket, I must’ve taken an hour-long shower.”

Said ticket represented a $2500 parlay bet on the Las Vegas Raiders and Miami Dolphins, 11½- and 8-point underdogs at the Kansas City Chiefs and San Francisco 49ers, respectively. John was loving the higher than 25/1 odds he got, and even more when he won.

“I know that was way too much to be risking normally – I’d never bet more than $500 in a single bet, but I literally hadn’t bet anything all year to that point. And as it turns out, it was the right move anyway!”

By the time the following week’s games kicked off, John was driving around in his spiffy new black Discovery. “I wanted to cash the ticket, go a dealer and trade in my old model for this one so I could drive back into Agloe with a brand new car – how cool would that be? But I decided I could wait to get over to Buffalo so my brother-in-law could get me a nice deal from his dealership.”

And boy, did he get a nice deal. John’s Discovery HSE Luxury edition is decked out: Front and rear sunroofs, titanium mesh trim finish, Windsor leather interior, the Luxury Climate Comfort Pack, and terrain-response capability plus. “For 25 years, I’ve been driving Land Rovers, but I’ve never been able to really scale up until now. I even had enough to get the old lady a little something – I just didn’t tell her where the money to pay for it came from.”

After John’s big win, he even had enough to have an Alpine 8-speaker system installed. “It’s a little excessive, since I mostly just listen to sports radio in the car, but hey, I got a good deal from my other brother-in-law. It’s good to have sisters!”

Not to mention a little luck.

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