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Jaguar CEO: Poor reputation costs 100,000 sales per year

Jaguar auto sales 2015-20Jaguar CEO Thierry Bollore fired a quote on a conference call that rapidly echoed through automotive-centric media: “The dissatisfaction of our customers was really detrimental to our natural volume,” Bollore said. “The missed opportunities today are massive. It's more than 100,000 healthy sales that we could perform.”

Quite a claim that is, given that worldwide in the 2019-20 fiscal year, only about 80,000 Jaguar units sold worldwide (See chart at right, courtesy, and just over 300,000 Land Rovers were sold in the company’s last fiscal year. These dips represented a 22% downturn for Jaugar and a 37% decrease for Land Rover sales.

The line came shortly after Thierry had noted “dramatic improvements” in public perception of Jaguar and Land Rover models, and that customer dissatisfaction was at a “record low.”

Nevertheless, the tsunami of stories on the British company’s reputation triggered by Automotive News Europe’s original reportage of the downbeat conference call loudly affirmed said repuatiation. And earlier in the year, Jaguar and Land Rover once again performed poorly in the JD Power extensive dependability survey, finishing third- and second-to-last in customer satisfaction.

Time will tell if the continued customer satisfaction and sales issues were a root cause of this week’s decision by JLR executives to scale back on a plan announced last year to change the entire catalogue to electric models by 2025 – but one would think that the decreasing sales aren’t helping matters in R&D.

But hey, the Land Rover still has its (literal) strengths. I mean, here’s YouTube automotive commentator Doug Demuro crushing a Kia Spectra and an Audi All-Road simultaneously in 2017…